A humble beginning in 1922 with an Oil factory powered by a mini diesel generator, a great vision and generations of passion to serve the people, Savitri Group has now grown into conglomerate of businesses including rice cultivation, distribution, exports and real estate. Today they have the capacity of crushing 300 tons of paddy a day at one location along with 4 TPH of Idli rawa, 10 tons of rice flour a day manufacturing unit, making Savitri Group touch Rs.100 crore of business turnover in an year.

Backed by a team of visionaries, world-class technology and committed professionals, the company started trading traditional Basmati rice and premium rice qualities under the flagship name of SAVITRI ASHIRVAAD and has now stormed to new heights in the domestic market.

SAVITRI GROUP ever started, is being a strong support to build up Raichur in to well recognized industrial place and help people to live, providing livelihood and occupation to around 200 people at Raichur.


At Savitri Group, we are committed to excellence. We aim to be the best in quality, in customer and in employee satisfaction with professional work ethic driven by integrity and hard work.


We are committed to offer natural and consistent premium quality food products with superior taste at the utmost value to all our customers.

Company Responsibility

With a vision to bring authentic Indian delicacies to the whole world, Savitri Group envisions to improve lives in communities they live around, protect workplace rights, respect people, support missions that help people have a better life, provide good jobs, world class quality products and a healthy environment to all around.

At workplace, Savitri Group maintains high standards for fair and dignified treatment of all the people. For everyone, it is not just a place to work, but like another home and everybody is like a big family, closely bonded with each other.

The company believes that an organisation is as good as the people who work for it – their combined talents, skills, knowledge, experience and passion makesthem who they are. Hence Savitri’s continuous goal is to inspire and motivate their people to hone their talents, increase their knowledge & skills and achieve extraordinary results at their workplace.

As they take care of people who work with them, they also consider it as their responsibility to support the community that they live at SAVITRI GROUP.

Adherence to global human rights standards, no minor labour, fair trade practices, complete Medical facilities for their people, safe & sound working environment are the things that SAVITRI GROUP takes utmost care about.